Coding help for people struggling

Heyy, I’m a self-taught coder in episode. I would love to help people struggling with their code. You can just send it in the thread :]


how do you make a character blush because my coding isn’t working :


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Did you do this?:


Also it would be more useful to type your code in one line like so:


@overlay BLUSH RIGHT shifts to 150 150 in zone 1 and overlay BLUSH RIGHT scales to 36 40 in 0 THEN\AND overlay BLUSH RIGHT opacity 1 in 1
|___> Your choice if you want to pick THEN or AND.
THEN --> The code will happen after the above.
AND --> Tht code will happen at the same time.

ok thanks

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Let me know if it works :slight_smile:

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Line 1646 is wrong. Scales to numbers are not %’s you need to use the directing helper>> overlay helper then copy the scale and shift spots from there

What does shifts to mean and scales to mean because I don’t understand and I can find the overlay

The shifts and scales works just like spot with caracters, it’s basically the position and size of the object

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Have you used spot before?

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ok thanks

How do you make a zoom happen while dialogue is playing?

You can try to put it between the dialogue, like this…

       LOLLA (talk_happy)
   I really enjoyed the dinner with him 

@zoom on (…)

        PETER (talk_angry)
  I don't like him at all

@zoom on (…)

            LOLLA (talk_armscrossed)
    Sometimes I don't undestand you

Or you could do it like this…

&zoom on (…)

                   LOLLA (talk_happy)
   I really enjoyed the dinner with him


&zoom on x y to % in S
dialog or narration here

The & allows anything to happen simultaneously

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Hi you gave me the coding but it isn’t appearing on the screen I don’t know where whether it’s the numbers I used or not

it seems like you used scale for shift and vice versa


&overlay BLUSH RIGHT shifts to 36 40 in zone 2 in 0
&overlay BLUSH RIGHT scales to 0.150 0.150 in 0

Can anyone tell me what’s wrong?
No matter what I do my character still pop up in the scen…
And after a few seconds the character stops being in rear… though I have not given that command to do so…

I’ve written like this:

@YOUNG BAYARD spot 0.698 203 219
&YOUNG BAYARD walks to spot 0.698 77 226 in 2 AND YOUNG BAYARD is walk_neutral_rear
@YOUNG BAYARD spot 0.698 77 226 and YOUNG BAYARD faces right and YOUNG BAYARD is rear
&YOUNG BAYARD is idle_rear

How do make characters change clothes with choices

You need to place your character off screen if you want him to walk on the scene or use & for placing him to prevent pop up

For walking try this:
&YOUNG BAYARD walks to spot 0.698 77 226 in 2 AND YOUNG BAYARD does it while walk_neutral_rear THEN YOUNG BAYARD faces right and YOUNG BAYARD is rear