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It works, thank you! :heart:
But if I want to choose which direction the character should look at when he walks how do I add it?

&YOUNG BAYARD walks to spot 0.698 77 226 in 2 AND YOUNG BAYARD does it while walk_neutral_rear AND YOUNG BAYARD faces left/right THEN YOUNG BAYARD faces right and YOUNG BAYARD is rear

Thank you so much :heart:

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It’s says on line 2364 that does not have a matching


Answered on other thread. But you need to add character name on line 2366

how do you add overlays to characteri used code @add handgun to character but it didn’t work

@add Handgun to CHARACTER

The prop names are on the portal so ensure it’s spelt correctly and your character name must be in all caps :blush:

i put it in caps but it said error

Can you show a screen shot of your script and is there an error message? — what does the error say?

The mistake there is the ‘H’ in handgun, names of props always begin in capitals.

so instead of typing ‘handgun’ type Handgun

it says my overlay doesn’t exist even tho episode has approved it

Okay. Well overlays and props are different. Props are provided by episode and ‘stick’ to your character. What overlay are you trying to use? Because it won’t have anything to do with the @add Hangun to CHAR
Make sure your overlay is spelt correctly in your script too.

i made my own overlay and its a handgun but it keeps saying it doesn’t exist im sorry about asking u questions its because im new

Okay, you can’t use overlays in a prop command, here’s a link below on how to use your overlay-

Since there is already a prop for a gun, you won’t need to use the overlay unless you want the gun to be used another way rather than on the characters hands.


Help! pLeAsE

try this:

“Talk to the girl and then the boy…” {
@OLIVE walks to screen center in zone 2
@OLIVE faces right
} “Talk to the boy and then the girl…”{
@OLIVE walks to screen center in zone 2
@OLIVE faces left

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