CODING HELP ! I am stuck

I want Aurora in front of Nathan.
Its not happening. Please help!!!

Following is my code.

@/AURORA changes into Auroracasual
@/NATHAN changes into nathancasual2
@/zoom on 0 0 to 102% in 0
@/AURORA spot 1.280 220 -26 in zone 1 AND AURORA faces left AND AURORA is idle_sad_serious_loop AND NATHAN spot 1.280 95 -2 in zone 1 AND NATHAN faces right AND NATHAN is talk_armraised_sad
@/NATHAN is idle_armscrossed_awkward_loop
@/pause for a beat
@/AURORA is talk_awkward_loop
@/NATHAN is talk_explain_neutral AND AURORA is idle_sad_timid_loop
@/AURORA walks to spot 1.280 108 -66 in zone 1 AND AURORA is walk_worried_loop
@/AURORA spot 1.280 108 -66 in zone 1 AND AURORA moves to LAYER 4 AND AURORA faces right
@/AURORA is hug_neutral_rear AND NATHAN is idle_sad_loop

/ is just not to tag anyone. It’s not part of the coding.

u have to change the layers :kissing:
@AURORA moves to layer 4

I’ve done it here

Try not capitalising the layer.

So @AURORA moves to layer 4

Or code it like this:

&NATHAN moves to layer 3
&AURORA moves to layer 4
@AURORA spot 1.280 108 -66 in zone 1 AND AURORA faces right

I noticed you didnt layer Nathan, or couldnt find it. So ensure he is coded at a layer less than Aurora.

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Thanks :two_hearts:

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