Coding Help (Important Flashback Scene)

How would I code a mother pushing a child out of the way of a car and getting hit by the car?

Okay, so this is a bit hard to explain, but I’ll put it briefly :sweat_smile:

You’ll need a car overlay, shift and scale it to where you want.
As for the mother pushing the child, you’ll need to make sure you spot the child where the car is, and use a code like
@MOTHERNAME walks to spot #### AND is run_super_speed_loop
@MOTHERNAME is shove_argument_give_angry AND CHILDNAME is shove_argument_receive_angry AND CHILD spot ###

Where the hashtags are, you’ll need to replace them with the corresponding spot. I hope I helped a bit, if you run into any errors or send your piece of code over, I’m here to help :blob_hearts:



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