Coding help - looping


I have the following code so my own created looping background will make it look like my characters are running.

@overlay GYMLOOP shifts to -960 0 in 15 THEN overlay GYMLOOP shifts to 0 0 in 0 loop infinite times

However, I want a narrator text box to pop up after a few seconds of running, but want the background and running to continue as the text box shows.

But when I play in the portal it will loop and not move onto the narration part/text.

Use & instead of @

If your script looks like this:


or &command

The &command will happen at the same time as whatever command you have following it.


OMG so simple! What an idiot I am. Thank you.

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You must always use the & sign when looping an overlay. Never use @, otherwise your scene will be forever stuck on that loop and won’t continue