Coding help needed please, characters facing the wrong way when entering scene

Can someone help me perfect this scene where my two background characters enter the scene, please?
I tried everything, even switching the direction on both beginning and end of when they enter, and nothing works.
When they get to their spot it’s just the way I want it but entering is my problem. It’s line 414 & 415


Spot reached

if you don’t want them facing the back while walking in change the animation they’re doing while they walk in.
example: instead of walk_neutral_rear try walk_neutral (or something like that)

let me know if this works or if this isn’t what you wanted!

Thanks for the suggestion, but I figured it out lol.
I just needed to switch the places where they faced right to left after walking to the spot in 5 :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s smooth and exactly how I wanted it too lol

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