Coding Help needed please 😅

I am coding a scene for my story and i says that my background doesn’t exist but I have used it in a previous episode and it works fine there…does anyone know what is wrong?
Also it says that this isn’t a valid command:
@LONDONANDPARIS spot 0.902 238 204
But this is the command I use for all my other characters for where I want them to be positioned just with different spot positions, I don’t understand what is wrong especially seeing as this is the same place as another character is stood off of the screen. And I know it isn’t the position I have put them in as I have tried several spots but it won’t seem to let me?
By the way @LONDONANDPARIS is one character this is NOT the error. :sweat_smile: Thanks

Usually when it says a background doesn’t exists, there’s an error on the following lines like a spelling mistake or such

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I clicked it from the list at the side of backgrounds and I have checked it and can’t see anything spelt wrong and so I went onto art catalogues and copied and pasted the name from there?

I mean on the following lines.

It’s happened to me before and I thought I was going crazy but it was literally one spelling mistake that messed it up

I will double check thanks :slight_smile:

Nope I checked and I can’t see any spelling errors only ones that are deliberate as it is to show how the characters say something differently

About the character maybe it’s in diff, zone? If the spot is on zone 2 you have to put in zone 2 at the end.

Maybe change the name of the character to a different name? Create a duplicate, change their display name to LONDONANDPARIS but have their script name as either LONDON or PARIS or GIRLS.

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I will try that thanks :slight_smile:

OMG it worked!!! Thank you so much!!!
:sweat_smile: Sorry about the random bold and italic text btw

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It fixed two issues in one!!!