Coding help needed please


Hi! I am quite new to coding and I need help with two things please.

  1. My characters keep walking onto the screen backwards how do I fix this
  2. I am struggling with coding the choice for whether or not the reader has a recap. I have done coding before for choices to choose what the character wears, but I can’t seem to do this.
    If you could help me with either of these please either comment or PM me or if you prefer instagram DM my friend at sophie__episode :slight_smile: Thanks


Oh I have done the choice just need help on the first thing now pls


What does your script look like for the characters walking?


In the first scene it happens in I have this @MUM stands screen center AND MUM faces right
@MUM starts tinker_stand_neutral_loop_rear
@FLORENCE BANE walks to screen right AND FLORENCE BANE faces left

And in the next scene I have it I have this
@FLORENCE BANE enters from left to screen left AND FLORENCE BANE faces right
@WHITNEY ARRAN enters from left to screen right AND WHITNEY ARRAN faces left


ps sorry for the late reply


Remove all of the “AND CHARACTER faces left/right” from the walking commands, you don’t need those. A character will automatically face the direction they are walking to


KK thanks