Coding help needed x

So I need some help with a code x
I want 5 characters walking in a line at the same time but I’m struggling to find a code can anyone help? xx

You need to use the spot directing tab in the portal.
@CHAR walks to spot numbers in zone # AND CHAR2 walks to spot numbers in zone # - Repeat.

@CHAR walks to 0.840 220 160 in zone 1 in 2.4 AND CHAR2 walks to spot 0.579 58 200 in zone in 2.3

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Say If I wanted to use 5 characters for this would I have to keep using and? xx

Yes. The only time you would be using then would be if you use animations as well.
You can use this as a guide to help. Spot walking.
And also this thread. Entering and exiting.

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You can have all commands on the same line using “and” or you can place them on separate lines using the & sign for all except the last command which will use the @ sign

@CHARACTER1 walks to [spot] and CHARACTER2 walks to [spot] and CHARACTER3 walks to [spot] and CHARACTER4 walks to [spot] and CHARACTER5 walks to [spot]


&CHARACTER1 walks to [spot]
&CHARACTER2 walks to [spot]
&CHARACTER3 walks to [spot]
&CHARACTER4 walks to [spot]
@CHARACTER5 walks to [spot]

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Thank uuu!!

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Thank u tooo!!

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