Coding Help Needed

If anyone can help me with some coding errors, please let me know.

I’m not that great at coding but maybe I can help!

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Sure I’ll send you a DM on your insta or you can send me on, mines is @episode_writersrs

I’m excellent at coding so message me.

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Hello I’m in desperate need of a co-author I’m very new and I’m not that good.
It’s about a young girl that lives in an aparment.
She’s responsible for her sister death for daring here to go into the farm house.
She’s gets murder and sent away to New York to live with here dad.
She’s now old enough and lives on here own.
There events liking getting kidnapped and helping the FBI and doing back story episodes going in further and further and further, until they find the guy/girl (its is a guy) that killed her sister.

Name:Farm House
Episodes completed:1
Episode in making:2

XCHX_OFFICAL PM privately and I may be help

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