Coding help (overlay)

So I’m just trying to put these two overlays on my sheet, but episodes saying it’s not a valid directing command. Can someone help me :sleepy:
@overlay _MXLKXII AND _EPY.BBY_NAEREBOOT shifts to 306 170 in zone 1
@overlay _MXLKXII AND _EPY.BBY_NAEREBOOT scales to 0.303 0.303
@overlay _MXLKXII AND _EPY.BBY_NAEREBOOT moves to layer 4
@overlay _MXLKXII _EPY.BBY_NAEREBOOT shifts to 302 162 in zone 1
@overlay _MXLKXII _EPY.BBY_NAEREBOOT scales to 0.318 0.318
@overlay _MXLKXII _EPY.BBY_NAEREBOOT moves to layer 4

Overlay Names cannot have the words “AND” or “THEN” in them because the script mistakes it for the and/then commands. You will have to reupload the overlay with a different name without using the word “and” or remove the spaces so that it’s just underscores between the words in the overlay name.


Thank you!! I’m going to test it out to see if it works. :two_hearts:

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