Coding Help Please with Filter

Hi, I’m hoping someone could help me with putting a filter on a part of my story. I’m not sure how to code it. I want to change the lightness to -39. Could someone tell me how to code that?

&set hsl 0 0 -31
Then just reset it by &reset hsl

I hope this works :relaxed:

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Got it! Thank you!

Just to let you know, on the app it should tell you; so when you edit the filter on the app’s directing helper and underneath the opacity there should be a grey translucent box that should contain the code that you need. If your phone doesn’t do this I’ll help you understand the code.

&set hsl a b c in seconds

a is the hue #
b is the saturation #
c is the lightness #

Hope this helps in the future :grin:

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