Coding help please!

Hey guys so I am trying to do this mirror reflection of my character but somehow I am not able to please do help!

INT. BATHROOM - DAY with MIRROR at layer 5
@overlay 6493440787349504_MIRROR shifts to -306 -25
@overlay 6493440787349504_MIRROR scales to 1.000 1.000
@REFLECTION moves to layer -1
@CAESER moves to layer 7

@CAESER stands upscreen right

Somehow both the reflection and my character are behind the overlay when I want only the reflection to be behind.

Please do help!
Thanks in advance!!

You have to place your characters first before you use the layer command. You should use spot direction instead of default positions. Spot direction works best when using layers.

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Ok thank you so much!

Omg thanks again! it worked! Your a lifesaver!!!

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