Coding help please?

Hi, I’m having some issues with my script.
Here are some screenshots and explanations:

Here the male character enters via run_fall.

Then here he quickly gets up.

After getting up he then goes to say his line with the animation.

I have no idea what to do, but I think its the run_fall animation but i want to know how to fix it.

Here is the code:


Hope someone can help me x

Well first, why are they naked?

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@JASON walks to spot 1.118 57 105 in 3 THEN JASON is run_fall

Then you might want to add a pause

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Why do you have him getting up to then say a line with the animation talk_neutral_lay_exhausted, like with him laying down? I’m not getting it.

Also, on line 873 correction;
JADE (talk_think)
What’s your name again?

on line 881 correction;
Do transition something to stand, not just stand bc that cuts it which makes it look confusing.

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Oh. I think I see what you want to do. If I’m correct. Do this.

@JASON walks to spot 1.118 57 105 in 3 THEN JASON is run_fall THEN JASON is idle_lay_exhausted AND JASON spot 1.118 -128 104 AND JASON faces left

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You cant have them naked in episode you need to add the cencor bar


They’re naked because I made their default outfit nothing and i previewed it from a part where theres no outfit changes

Oh yeah, its just because of the part i started previewing

I’ll let you know if it works !

Oh, ok.

This worked, Thank you so much!

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No problem!