Coding help pleasee

I am coding a scene in zone 2, but my characters are in zone 1. How do I make them appear in zone 2

@CHARACTER spot S X Y in zone 2
@CHARACTER stands screen center in zone 2

That’s not working

Can you screenshot your script?

I don’t see an error. Which character isn’t showing up in zone 2?


I don’t see an issue.

Try this was instead and see what happens.
@cut to zone 2
@HOST enters from left to screen right in zone 2
#repeat with the other characters

If that doesn’t work. Try this guide

It still doesn’t work

Maybe @Jade.epi or @Apes can help?

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Try putting a pause for a beat after the pan to zone 2
@pan to zone 2 in 2
@pause for a beat
@HOST enters from left to screen right

Don’t put in zone 2 at the end. See if that works

Omg yay it works! Tysm!!!

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