Coding help - "spot template"

hey guys, i’m currently losing my brain over this coding scene - i’m making some background characters walk around and doing some animations but there’s a part in the coding that just stops… even though the characters are supposed to do more animations.
ugh, this is so confusing but i’m seriously so stressed cuz i don’t know if there’s a mistake in the coding or something. seriously, i have no clue what’s happening…

here are the lines of my script if someone is free to help! thank u so much :,)

btw: it needs to be all in one line because the main is narrating while the characters are walking so yeah

&PSG5 walks to spot 1.982 -274 -396 in zone 1 in 6 AND PSG5 starts walk_book_closed_neutral_loop AND PSG4 starts talk_think_neutral AND PSB3 starts text_phone_neutral_loop AND PSB2 walks to spot 1.487 407 -127 in zone 1 in 4 AND PSB2 faces right AND PSB2 starts walk_talk_phone_neutral_loop AND PSG6 starts wave_extreme AND PSG1 walks to spot 0.704 457 187 in zone 1 in 7 AND PSG1 faces right AND PSG1 starts walk_pregnant_neutral_loop AND PSB4 walks to spot 0.596 101 238 in zone 1 in 6 AND PSB4 starts walk_exhausted_loop THEN remove PSG1 AND remove PSB2 AND remove PSG5 AND PSG6 walks to spot 1.073 118 31 in zone 1 in 3 AND PSG6 starts walk_runway_loop AND PSG6 faces left AND PSB4 walks to spot 0.596 -40 238 in zone 1 in 1.3 AND PSB4 starts run_athletic_neutral_loop AND PSB4 faces left AND PSG4 starts admire_happy THEN PSG6 is talk_handsonhips_neutral AND remove PSB4 THEN PSG4 walks to spot 0.533 -84 256 in zone 1 in 5 AND PSG4 starts walk_neutral_loop AND PSG4 faces left AND PSB3 walks to spot 0.587 -44 269 in zone 1 in 4 AND PSB3 faces left AND PSB3 starts walk_talk_neutral_loop AND PSB1 walks to spot 0.272 384 341 in zone 1 in 3 AND PSB1 faces right AND PSB1 starts run_athletic_neutral_loop AND PSB4 walks to spot 0.596 -78 240 in zone 1 in 4 AND PSB4 faces left AND PSG6 starts talk_think_neutral AND PSB4 starts walk_talk_phone_neutral_loop AND PSG6 starts talk_handsopen_happy_loop AND PSG3 walks to spot 0.389 217 289 in zone 1 in 2.2 AND PSG3 faces right AND PSG3 starts walk_neutral_loop

Ah this is a bit wordy :sweat_smile: What I recommend doing first is to make this line of code shorter by maybe splitting it in 2-4 separate lines? Then you’ll be able to more easily find the error and once all errors are fixed, you can merge all the lines of code back together.
:blob_turtle: Another note is that maybe try using is ANIMATION instead of starts ANIMATION. I’m not sure if you use ‘starts’ in Ink and you’re writing in Ink (I’ve only written in LL so far) , but those are my suggestions. Tell me how it goes :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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yeah i’ve already split but apparently, everything is alright: ( should i change all the “starts” to “is” ?

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You can try (: At which part does it stop? Can you copy and paste the script again and highlight in bold where it stops?

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hey! omfg, it actually worked- i changed everything to “is” and surprisingly it worked NAJFBLS i’ve always used “starts” and never had any problems with it so i don’t know what rlly happened there but thank you so much for your help! i was really stuck : ) <333

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Yay! That’s great to hear, I’m really glad it worked :blush: