Coding help thread!

I’ve gotten pretty good at coding lately and I’d love to help anyone who needs it!


I don‘t need help but that‘s really kind of you :purple_heart:

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Hey, I need help with making an character walk to a spot & with a character walking rear

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Okay, do you have a script? or do you just want directions?

I deleted the script because it became messy, could u help w directions ?

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Of course! How exactly do you want it? Like which way should the character walk, where to, etc.

Thankyou :heart::heart: Well Theres
a background Of a house where I want her to walk towards the door but when I make her walk it looks weird and not smooth. How can I make her walk towards the door ??

okay, well your script should look like this:
@YOU walks to spot ______ in ____ and YOU is walk_neutral_rear and YOU faces _____

I want to make her walk from the purple dot to the black dot

Give me a minute and I can send you codes for your script

Thankyou :blush:

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@YOU spot 0.733 157 180 in zone 1 and YOU faces right and YOU is rear
&zoom on 158 256 to 189% in 1.5
@YOU walks to spot 0.455 164 343 in zone 1 in 2 and YOU faces right and YOU is walk_neutral_rear
@YOU walks to spot 0.267 112 477 in zone 1 in 2 and YOU is walk_stairs_up_loop_rear and YOU faces right

Test that out and tell me how it is, also don’t forget to replace “YOU” with the character name, and @zoom reset

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THANKYOU IT LOOKS SO GOOD ! But I kinda have one thing that I wanna know how to do.
How do I make her walk straight while walking up the stairs ??

what do you mean by straight? like non diagonal and just forward?

Nevermind I found out hehe, thankyou so so much !! :heart:

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Glad i could help!

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I’ll give you credits for helping me out, what should I shout you out on?

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Your Instagram ?

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aw i wish i had one but i’m only 14 and my parents won’t let me have it :frowning: