Coding help(urgent!)

Im struggling to code for the character to walk into a certain position like using spot direct. Can anyone tell me the code for that? Like i wrote @Char walks to xyz in zone x. But it gives me an error saying too many values to unpack??

Is your character already placed somewhere on the screen? Because you can’t spot direct unless they are.

Could u give me an example?

so here’s an example of me placing a character off screen: @/AMARA spot 0.084 20 384 in zone 2
and when I want her to walk on screen I write: @/AMARA walks to spot 0.084 37 384 in zone 2 in 3

(Ignore the slashes, I just don’t want to tag someone)

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These might help you!

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Thank uuu, it workedd! :relaxed:

Thank uu :relaxed:

You missed the word ‘spot’
@CHAR walks to spot xyz in zone x

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Yeahh thanks :grin:

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of course no problem glad it worked!

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