Coding help with overlay

I want a car to back into a drive-thru with a person Inside. How do I make an overlay and person move at the same time? (If you have a template for this sort of thing that would be a huge help)

Use &

&CHARACTER walks to spot … in s and CHARACTER does it while animation
@overlay OLNAME shifts to … in s

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Can I have some help with this? (I’m not skilled at coding)



This should help

you need overlay with transparent glass or he will not be visible in the car.

I couldn’t get this to work:


@overlay DRIVE THRU WINDOW moves to layer 2

@overlay DRIVE THRU WINDOW -GLASS create

@overlay DRIVE THRU WINDOW -GLASS opacity 1

@overlay DRIVE THRU WINDOW -GLASS moves to layer 1

@overlay CAR ANGLE VINTAGE create

@overlay CAR ANGLE VINTAGE opacity 1

@NIX moves to layer 3

@overlay CAR ANGLE VINTAGE moves to layer 4

@FAST FOOD EMPLOYEE stands upscreen left

@FAST FOOD EMPLOYEE moves to layer 0
@FAST FOOD EMPLOYEE spot 1.280 171 29 in zone 2

@zoom reset

@transition iris out
@cut to zone 2

@pause for a beat

@NIX spot 1.032 -306 -85 AND NIX faces right
@pause for a beat
&NIX walks to spot 1.032 106 -85 in 3.0 AND NIX does it while idle
@overlay CAR ANGLE VINTAGE shifts to -342 -48 in 3.0

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