Coding help with police car light scene

Hi there, I want to make a scene with a police car and I want to add some red and blue light effects but I have an error telling me “loop command can only be used with overlay animation commands” . Can someone tell me what is wrong with my code?

@ui BLUE create AND ui BLUE opacity 1 AND ui BLUE shifts to -376 -340 in zone 1 AND ui BLUE scales to 2.530 2.530 AND ui BLUE moves to layer 1
@ui RED create AND ui RED opacity 0 AND ui 5262137556795392_RED shifts to 58 -343 in zone 1 AND ui 5262137556795392_RED scales to 2.512 2.512 AND ui 5262137556795392_RED moves to layer 2
&ui BLUE opacity 0 in 1 AND ui RED opacity 1 in 1 THEN ui BLUE opacity 1 in 1 AND ui RED opacity 0 in 1 loop INFINITE times
@cut to zone 1
@ERIN stands screen center AND ERIN is idle_terrified_loop_rear

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I’m not sure but try to code each looping in different lines, one for BLUE and another for RED.

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I eventually figured it out, instead of AND between them I needed to use THEN


Great! :blush:

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