Coding help with script template

I am making a rock band Story and I want a red carpet template with 8 members in the middle and the paparazzi taking pictures.
For example like this pic below :point_down: from California dreaming

But I will be using this background instead

Did you check whether this Picture is copyrighted or not?

I just checked right now and it’s from backdrop with no copyright on it.

When I checked it shows you need to pay, so it might not be free to use

I’ve seen this exact bg. This is from shutter stock. Unfortunately for those bgs u have to pay for them which means they aren’t free to use

Ok, so I should look for another background.

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How do you make your own serie

What do you mean?

I was thinking since it will take time to look for a background. I will just use the one in the catalog. This one👇

Okay PM the details of those 8 characters I’ll make the script for you

Thank you :smiley::grin:

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