Coding Issue I Need Help With

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What’s the issue?

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The characters I need to place won’t appear

I see! Is this zone 1 on the screen here?


Did you try resetting the zoom?

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You may have the character in a different zone then where you have it on the screenshot or your character is hidden behind the overlay (if it’s one… perhaps try changing the layer of the character)

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Well maybe the zone changes, I think you panned the zone to 2 and placed the character in zone 1

When this appear, you need to go to camera and scale it so that the background becomes small and you can see all the zones at the same time… Check out may be the charac is placed somewhere in another zone ot offscreen…then u can spot direct it again… This method I use normally whenever such thing happens :sweat_smile:

You are most likely zoomed or in another zone - try to put

&zoom reset

Just under your background

also check if you havent any overlay - if you have overlay it might be covering the character if you dont have the layers set.

The character is based on the code in zone 1 and not ofscreen.

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