Coding issue(preview command )

I’m having an issue with my script. I wanted it to cut to zone 1 but instead its cutting to zone 2 and calling zone 1 zone 0 HELP!

can you please send a picture of the code? x

Yes gimme a min or two ^^

okie :blob_hearts:

Where the x are I had a outfit game template there but I think the issue started as soon as I started using that background when I was placing my character on the bed it told me different coordinates.

Wait so when you put @pan to zone 1 is it panning to zone 2?

I recently changed it to pan, it was @cut before… but yeah its doing that.

That’s really weird, lemme put it in mine and see if i get the same error x

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okie np

try reloading the page :slight_smile:

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I have multiple times with no luck.:smiling_face_with_tear:

Okie instead of @pan to zone 1 try @pan to zone 1 AND zoom reset
See if that does anything for yours x

Okay Tyyy

Can your share with us the picture you’re using as background??

Try using
@zoom reset
@cut to zone 1

I think it may be this one being used
Not sure tho :sweat_smile:

It worked thank you both😍

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maybe :thinking::thinking: just wanted to make sure how many zones does the background have :sweat_smile:
I think the issue is with the zoom, hopefully a zoom reset may solve it

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yay! I’m glad :relaxed:

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Yay :see_no_evil: No worries, good luck with your story! x