Coding Issue - You must have a line of dialogue immediately before a choice

I can’t seem to figure out what the issue is?

Can you show the beginning of the CC template?

Hmm, I don’t see what the issue is at the start or end. Maybe try at the end where the choice of “are you happy with how your character looks?” is, putting in some sort of dialogue after @PLAYER is primp_neutral, just to test if Episode is experiencing a bug - just something like:
@PLAYER is primp_neutral

If that doesn’t work, check you haven’t accidentally hit the spacebar after the word choice anywhere.

I’ve tried both options and it hasn’t fixed it. When I remove all the script after the closing }, the error goes away so I’m still not sure.

Thanks though!!

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Can I see the beginning of the choice script (the cc)?

according to the error, it says you have to add a line of dialogue before a choice so I recommend adding something like this on line 168:

Whatever you feel you can add here…

That didn’t fix it, thanks though!!

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what do you think?
Maybe you can help.

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On line 176, try (layout) not [layout]. If that doesn’t work, the issue is elsewhere.

Tried, didn’t work.

Maybe when I get home I’ll be able to check

all good, take your time :).

Can you try closing the space between the } and @transition fade out black in 2? I looked at one of my scripts that had the same coding and an error, once I removed the space, it was fine. :thinking:

Click on the error message… and when it takes you to that body of text please screenshot it, so that we can help you identify where the error could be.

After clicking the text [beneath the word “ERROR”] it should take you exactly to the part where the error exists, or close to it.

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Hey does anyone know if you can code on an iPad Pro? With a magic keyboard?

You should be able to! I’d recommend getting a Bluetooth mouse so you can spot direct :heartpulse:

This might sound silly but try to capitalize the C in choices . I don’t think it recognizes it as dialogue . I might be wrong tho .