Coding life is not the life for me


In my story, I want my reader to name themselves but the coding is not working. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong :sob::sob::sob:

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Maybe you should send your script so people can see what you may or may not be doing wrong?


What does your script say?

Also, in the Web Previewer, you can’t name your character-it shows up as Auto Bot instead.

P.S, this thread may be of help to you: A Guide to Typed-in Choices


This is what it looks like at the moment and I’m really confused.


Also, thank you for the thread, but I actually read through it earlier. Did I miss something?


What’s your name, guide?

input What is your name? | What is your name? | Done (NAME)

Moving on!


This time, it skipped over the input.


And so, I fixed the rest of my errors, saved, and reloaded the page. It’s still not working. Should I exit out of the tab?


It does that in the Web Previewer; it skips over the input and the character is automatically assigned the name Auto Bot.

I’ve mentioned this above:

If you test it out on your device, on the app, the input to name your character will show up and you can name them : )


Oh…Thank you all so much!!!


Will somebody please tell me what this means!!! I cannot figure out how to make it go away :scream: Is it because I have two choices back to back???


label END

label HAIR

Remove the _ in the middle


This thing is totally playing with my emotions


Go into your app on your phone and go to your stoys and read it in there it does not cost you your passes and you will be able to make sure it shows up how you like it. It sucks that it don’t show you in the portole.


label HAIR

Should I change my hair?



Also remove the _ from label END

It should say label END

(Why do you have two labels near each other?)

You need to remove one of them or add something in between.


I haven’t published yet. I’m adding customization’s to the semi-finished product


Cause Idk what I’m doing! LOL

I’ll try adding something in between.



It don’t have to be. You can always see your storys in the app just no one else can tell yu publish or you share the link before its published.


Thanks for all the help!!! Much appreciated :):kissing_heart: