Coding LL and INK and Does anyone who takes requests for INK and LL

um, I need help in making characters change their outfits and whatsover and I need someone who make art, cover or edit requests for INK and LL, plz

U need to go into more details (:

Art =

What do u want drawn/edited?
Character Details?

Editor =

Custom Pose/Animation?
Character Details?

Code to change clothes
  • the BOLD & CAPITALISED lettering changes depending on your script
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I can help! <3

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and drawn

i want to make the char change his/her clothes

I’ve edited my original message with more details & the change clothes code for u (:

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Thanks for that :slight_smile:
Um, I need a cover for my story. (if you don’t mind ofc)
deadline i don’t want it to be ready in just a week take your time ofc

um, i did that and the outfitname she wears it on even before the scene i want her to wear

With your outfit issue, if you’ve previewed it and played that ‘@CHARACTER changes into’ code already…then every time u replay it…the character will wear that outfit unless u shut your laptop tab and restart it or u set their outfit back to the original then replay it again.

When you’re requesting, u need to go into more details instead of just saying


U need to explain pretty much every detail u want included, I’ve listed most of the details u need to add (:

This is because some editors/artists etc…don’t like reaching out unless they know they can complete your request. This is because they don’t like the idea of not being able to help someone after they’ve shown interest (:

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oh, I am sorry so I want a cover for my story in Ink and its two ppl
it’s a romance/Action story so Bg can be black and red
if you want both deets, here:
skin: Taupe
eyebrow: defined natural
hair: straight ( chestnut )
eyes: upturned bold ( toffee )
face: soft heart
nose: refined
lips: classic ( dark )
skin: Taupe
eyebrows: Thick Arch Athletic
hair: Short Cropped Hair ( black )
eyes: Round Piercing ( brown )
face: square jaw
nose: button
lips: classic ( taupe )

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I understand, sorry.

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That’s perfectly fine, thank u for actually listening to me & @sim_epi is a great INK editor that I can currently think of (:


Thanks for your suggestion

You’re welcome (:

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Aw thank you you’re too nice! :pleading_face: :blob_hearts:

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You’re welcome & Thank u :pleading_face: (:

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