Coding name help?

Hello! I’ve been searching how to make the MC’s name appear to be ‘YOU’ (just the coloured name bubble on top of text) for quite awhile but maybe I’m just not wording it right? All I could find was the actual customisable name from choosing your own name for the main character. It’s kind of hard to explain. Could someone please help me out :sweat_smile: (but I’m also just realising it could also not be possible and I’m getting my non-customisable stories and customisable stories mixed up… sorry to be a bother :woman_facepalming:t4:) :computer_rage:

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Hiya girl! :sparkles:

You mean the coding [YOU]?

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Hiya! I mean the characters name on the speech bubble. I was wondering if it was possible if you could customise the MC’s name but still have it shown as ‘YOU’? It’s not needed but IMO I think it looks better.

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I don’t think that’s possible if you also want to give the reader an option to change the name already. Then you just have to call that character ‘YOU’ when you create him/her, you know? :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Ahh, okay. I had a feeling it wasn’t possible. Thank you so so much for your help I really appreciate it!! :blob_hearts:

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No problem hun! :hearts:

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I think there’s a way, try this:


Choose your actor, and what you want to call her in the script
Once you get to the part where you customize her, there’s an area that says display name

Type ‘YOU’ in that section, don’t forget to click save changes

Let me know if that doesn’t work! :blush:

It is possible. Takes a lot of extra coding, but you can do it.
Building off of what April said, you can alter the character’s display name, and then add typed in choice code that lets the reader type in a name. If you save the typed value as something other than the character’s display name, you can then reference the typed value in other characters’ speech without changing the display name of YOU.
Does that make sense?

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