Coding not working again

hi um so my stop directing isn’t working again

As you can see I put the stop directing in my script but it doesn’t show like the characters are still its original height not what I nodded so if anyone could plz help me.

Is TESSA off screen in the first spot? either way I think you should try doing another spot directing with TESSA
@ TESSA walks to spot (whatever spot here) in zone (zone number) in (time)

The problem is that making characters enter from left/right will set them to the default size (1.280). So, if you spotted them offscreen, make them walk to another spot maintaining the same % and y values.

yes she’s entering Fromm offscreen I want her to enter the room while being tired but I want to spot her

btw that didn’t work she came from the left side she went unscreen idk it just didn’t work

how do I do that?

You’ve already spotted the characters offscreen, so you’d just need to move the characters to the spot you want them to walk to - keep the % and y values of the previous spotting so the character stays in the same size.

And then you’ll write the walking command: CHAR walks to (new spot) in T and CHAR does it while (tired animation).

wait okay let me clear sum up when they walk I want them to be spotted there so the stop that I put is where they will stop walking how is that offscreen

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I think you have to delete @TESSA stands and @TESSA enters sentence
And do
@Tessa walks to spot 1.037 199 84 AND TeSSA faces right And TESSA moves to layer 2 And Tessa is walk_exhausted_loop

Oh! Okay so when you are spotting the characters and you move them, you can move them to a place offscreen (the x value is usually negative). So, for example:

@TESSA spot 1.037 -55 84 in zone 1 at layer 2
@TESSA walks to spot 1.037 199 84 in zone 1 in 3 and TESSA does it while walk_exhausted_loop

You see, since I kept the same % and y values, the Tessa will enter the screen without changing spots. You’d need to do the same with Tristan.

Thank you so much that worked!!

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Yes it worked thank you so much!!