Coding overlay help needed! ~ ASAP

Hello! I have 2 different overlays that I want to be the same size but that sadly isn’t happening so I need help!
Tthe coding:

@overlay TEXT_1 opacity 1 in 0 AND overlay TEXT_2 opacity 1 in 0 AND overlay UNKNOWN TEXT2 opacity 1 in 0 AND zoom on 383 368 to 371% in 1 AND overlay UNKNOWN TEXT2 shifts to 51 278 in zone 2 AND overlay UNKNOWN TEXT2 scales to 0.370 0.370 AND overlay UNKNOWN TEXT2 moves to layer 0 AND overlay TEXT_1 moves to layer 1 AND overlay TEXT_2 moves to layer 2 AND overlay TEXT BUBBLE opacity 1 in 0 AND overlay TEXT BUBBLE2 opacity 1 in 0 AND overlay TEXT BUBBLE3 opacity 1 in 0
&overlay TEXT BUBBLE shifts to 33 325 in zone 2 AND overlay TEXT BUBBLE scales to 0.424 0.424
@pause for 0.5
@overlay TEXT BUBBLE opacity 0 in 0
@remove overlay TEXT BUBBLE
@overlay TEXT BUBBLE2 shifts to 33 325 in zone 2 AND overlay TEXT BUBBLE2 scales to 0.424 0.424

The second bolded bit is the one that is not working. Though is its the same as code one but a different overlay name.

.What it looks like:


What I want it to look like:

the overlay itself was most likely uploaded as a bigger overlay than the other one. so even if their scales are the same, they won’t match in size. i’d either update each overlay in a 1136 x 640 in the exact spot you want them to be in, so no scaling is necessary. or further decrease the size of the larger overlay until it matches the other’s.
i hope that helps :slight_smile:

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I know the size is different :sob: But I don’t know how to fix it.


post all your overlays on here and i’ll quickly change the sizes for you… if you want.

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pv1_back_TEXT_BUBBLE3_6491235381608448_84e0d063d48a783646cc089585b32f8e pv1_back_TEXT_BUBBLE2_5985256827191296_84e0d063d48a783646cc089585b32f8e pv1_back_TEXT_BUBBLE_6214212457267200_84e0d063d48a783646cc089585b32f8e

i can’t click on those. You have to upload the actual image onto the forum from your device.

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one trick that helps me is to leave one overlay up, and play around with the scaling of the other to try and match it directly on top of it


I did.

I did, but I couldn’t get it right :sob:

): that sucks im sorry

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It’s okay, I just want it to be fixed so I can code the rest of the Episode and publish it.

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<3 i’ll read your story whenever it does get published

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It is :heart: Let’s talk in a PM :blush:

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pv1_back_TEXT_BUBBLE_6214212457267200_84e0d063d48a783646cc089585b32f8e help 2 help 3

here you go sweet! they should all be the same size as the smaller one now. right click and save them to your device. Upload them as the new overlays. let me know if there is any problems! x

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Thank you so much!

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