Coding partner? sos

Hello guys im looking for a partner who could help me with coding. i would appreciate if any of you can ! thank you ^^

I would love to be your partner! :smile:

I’m not sure how to become partners, though, like linking our accounts or whatnot, so I may need some help with that.

Hey I’m so glad that someone eventually replied. I have an idea for a story i can tell you about it and tell me if you want to change something . I’m horrible in coding but i’d love to learn since you know id be grateful if you help me learn how to do it… so if you want you can tell me your name if you got an Instagram account or messenger and we can talk from there ^^

I don’t have an Instagram account, but I can share a Google Doc © with you and we’d be able to communicate from there, or vise versa. My email is