Coding Partner Wanted!😃

Hello, so I’ve been trying to write episode for about almost a year. Upon stepping away I’ve realized where my talent is. My talent is “cooking” up a good story line/plot , making Characters and their Personalities and I’m currently working on my story cover skills; but when it comes to formulations of a story I … suck sadly. It’d be nice to have someone who could code and we could formulate a team! We don’t just have to be writing partners we can also be friends! :heart:


Hi there, I can help :slight_smile:

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hi! i can code pretty well, but often stop writing (“drop”) my stories because i dislike the plot/characters/general idea, or i simply lose inspiration. if you’re interested, we can work together!


I need a coder too❤️

ofc! do you have discord so we can chat there? (or we can private message here)

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Hii yes i have here


Btw that was my acc it was suspended :pleading_face::sneezing_face:

If any coders are still looking for a new story to work on hit me up. I have a pretty solid idea down but it requires a bit of coding and I have no coding experience apart from some simple YouTube tutorials. The genre is fantasy, deals with made up mythology based on angels & demons, choices build up points that decide if the MC ends up an Angel or a demon and there will be a choice of a male or female love interest. Let me know if you’re interested xx