Coding Pizza (I need help coding lol)

Hi, I’m Allora and I would love your help for usual episode coding struggles. Post your reply with the code line or even a template (if anyone asks for it)

I wanted to know how to enter and exit better or is there easier coding ways. Can anyone help?

Hmm…what do you mean?

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Well this is a different problem but how do you make it so that a character walks out and does something at the same time? (basic but i still don’t know)

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Well, I’m not a pro coder. But you use this:

@PERSON walks to screen left AND PERSON is run_cry

(Just an example)

Hope this helped! Need anything else?

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Thank you so much! and not yet!

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ohnooooo so i used the script you gave me but the problem is that the characters are just stuck on screen right (i made them go screen right).

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try @CHARACTER exits left AND CHARACTER does it while run_cry.

are you writing in ink or LL?

Oh, then change to left or center and there are many more commands!

Thanks guys!

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No problem!