Coding Preview Won't Load

I’ve tried clearing my cache data, reloading the episode I’ve been working on, shutting down and restarting my computer-- nothing I’ve done, so far, works. Help!

I have the same problem for 4 days

This sucks! Has this ever happened to you before?

I had same problem on Firefox. I changed with Chrome and there it’s working without any error. Hope will be always same as now.
Try to change your browser.

I use a MacBook Air (only 4 gigs of memory), this happens to me all the time, usually just shutting down Safari and waiting a sec gets it back up and running. Sometimes if my wifi connection is screwy it takes a few tries but I’ve never had it do that for a prolonged period of time. You should for sure look into changing your browser or maybe working on a desktop if you have access to one and you’re on a device with insufficient memory.

I’m using Chrome and it’s working like a charm now!

Thank you so much <3

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On my browser, the loading problem again and again comes, I also get help for that with Mozilla support number they advise me to restart my system and if it is not working, try to clear all the history or caches from your computer.

Solved and closed. :smiley: