Coding problem. help please

hey guys, how do you split the screen while making a phone call, i already made an overlay to get it in between the characters but how do i change the other characters background?

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If I’m understanding correctly, Usually people make a split background then place the characters on the respective side. Or you could make an overlay of the “incoming” background you want and have it slide on screen to give it that affect. It just needs to match up and then you can code it to show onscreen halfway. I hope this answers your question :sweat_smile:. Lmk if not

Right! Yes thank you so much. it has definitely made me realize it.

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You could use this one by @EllyT. It’s a sided kind of slipt screen
How to make a sided split screen

Or if you want a kind of pyramid shape watch this one by @MaryDSava
How to create a split screen
I know it looks quite similar, They’re totally different.
Feel free to check other websites for more answers.

thank you Nikki

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