Coding question again

My Characters pop up before the transition, then the transition pops in again. Someone please help!
This is my current code:
music music_humdrum
@transition fade out black in 2
&zoom reset

FILTER: Rose Goggles

@set hsl -15 52 7 colorize with blendMode OVERLAY to 55%
@ARDEN YOUNG changes hair into Long Double Dutch Braids
@ARDEN YOUNG changes face into Square Youthful
&ARDEN YOUNG spot 1.127 160 11 in zone 1 and ARDEN YOUNG is flirt_shy_pose and ARDEN YOUNG faces right
&CHEY YOUNG spot 1.127 60 11 in zone 1 and CHEY YOUNG is flirt_shy_pose and CHEY YOUNG faces right
&MOM spot 1.280 242 11 in zone 1 AND MOM faces right and MOM is laugh_chuckle_pose
@MOM changes into ZM_CONCERT1
@pause for a beat

@transition fade in black in 2

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Replace the @ with &, that way the characters won’t be popping up before the transition :relaxed:

I did it wont allow me to do it. IDK why

Hey! is it in Ink or Limelight?

Okay, I tried your code out and would recommend the following changes:
1 Change the beginning of “@set hsl…” to “&set hsl…” OR add “in 0” to the end of the line.
2 Replace “is” with “starts” where you’ve set the animation for the characters. (you only need an “is” if you want the animation to play out in full. This will also fix the animation not changing issue you get if you try to change the animation before it’s finished, um, animating.)
3 Remove “Filter: Rose Googles” or at least put # in front of the line.
4 Either remove the “@pause for a beat” or, if you want it to pause for a second on a blank screen before this scene appears, enter the following between “&zoom reset” and “INT.CROWD - NIGHT”:

@pause for a beat
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Thank you! It worked :slight_smile:

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