Coding service! [OPEN] - Tesbie

Hello there love!

Starting Coding service officially now! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Because I saw lots of people struggling with coding or not having time to complete their story.

However I do have some Rules!


I forgot to add but it doesn’t mean if u r paying me so you can be rude to me!!
I am not taking payment for nothing… I am doing your work that’s why u r paying me and that doesn’t give u a right to be rude or un-respected towards me!

FIRST payment will be done before I start with coding or writing your story as I have met some people who tend to :slightly_smiling_face:cheat afterwards loll… Not accusing anyone and not thinking that u will cheat as well… But I can’t just trust some strangers… Right? :sneezing_face::sweat_smile:


If you ask me to co-write and there is a game menu template the YES!! it will cost EXTRA!! not in every chapter tho

What I will do and don't

If you don’t have any idea what I will be doing in co-writing and coding then here are my works!

  • I will do 50-50 work. If you don’t like anything what I did then you can simply ask me to change it
  • I will charge 2$ extra to work from the 1st chapter because it asks to seach for lots of bgs/ols and making lots of chars and outfits and even discussing how to start and all.
  • You won’t rush me, I added this to rules but seriously DON’T RUSH!! I complete work in 3 days so please dont rush me to just finish it in 2 days bcz it’s impossible!!
  • I will promote your story in my insta’s story as well!
Only Coding
  • I only will do coding! *no making chars or outfits.
  • You will have to do dialogs and find all bg and ols.
  • Let me know what ol or bg to use for what scene. bcz I may get confuse and use a wrong ol.
  • I will share ur posts regarding the story in my insta story
  • For game menu template, you just have to tell me what options should be there.
  • If you want me to code only one scene then I won’t ask for your login details but for bg and ols and char used in that scene.

If you want to look at my coding then u can either read my story or just check my drive!

My coding drive

BTW there is only 4 slots!

Have a nice day/night!

Contact me on @tessa_writez


Good luck! :white_heart:

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thankyou! :sweat_smile:

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All the best! This is a great idea! :heart:

thanku so much! :relaxed:


OMG I’m so sorry I didn’t see that, I’l delete my post :see_no_evil:

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np… :sweat_smile:

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All slots are available now!
:relaxed: :slightly_smiling_face:


Really gr8 idea! Good luck!:black_heart:

thanks! :smiling_face:

Good luck❤️

thanku :sweat_smile:

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Great Service, been working with Tesbie for months now and she is honestly very trust worthy and works at your pace.
Highly recommended to hire her.

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Thank you for the feedback! :smiling_face: :grin:

You are very amazing in coding I worked with you once and it’s was awesome Because of you my reads goes up guys i recommend you Tessa she is very great at coding :heart::heart::heart:

thankyou for the feedback! :smiling_face:
and don’t give me all credit, your story line and plot was good! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I love working with Tessa, she’s extremely kind and understands what I want. She’s also very patient and very talented at coding. Definitely recommend Tessa!

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