Coding services and more! (for free)

Hey! I am very good at coding - I thoroughly enjoy it and would quite like to publish a story but am not particularly talented in writing a story in of itself.
So, I’m looking for anyone who sort of is the opposite - who isn’t particularly into the coding side of things but likes to write and has some ideas that we could make a story out of together. We would likely share an account and it would be a joint thing, with equal credit going to each person. I’m also good at proof reading/editing so would be able to resolve any spelling/grammar errors.

If the story progresses far enough, which I hope it would, I would also be able to draw us covers/art scenes for free, although I normally do commissions, as it would be for our story.
Please let me know if anyone is interested, or even better - DM me on Instagram: @lotus.sketches

Thanks! :revolving_hearts:


I could use some help with coding a few things in my story.

i’m already helping you girl :sob::sob: just reset ur password

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Oops, I’m trying to figure out if anyone else knows how I can give you access.

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I just don’t understand why it won’t give you access

Have you been able to access other people’s accounts when you’ve done this?

i would love to do this! i am writing a romance story but cant code well!!

hey there, DM me on my insta @lotus.sketches

it wont let me DM unless u follow me back it says. i followed my names freya :slight_smile:

added you back

I’m totally interested, maybe because, I’m the opposite tho, If the spot isn’t taken, you can come to my DM

I’m interested I am good at bringing up stories but not good in coding episode since I am a beginner. I just started my first story I could really use your help. thank you

There is a story have with a plot line and everything. I was wondering if you were still looking because I am very interested in this. Are you still looking?

Hi, I have a medium-length story. It is fully planned and I have written the first 3 chapters. since every small thing is planned, I will complete it in a week. I’m new to coding and neither have time or energy to learn advanced coding. since my my story is fantasy and adventure. It would be great if you could code that.

Hey are you still up to help? Im currently working on my story but I don’t know much about coding :sweat_smile: