Coding Services *OPEN*

I’m quite good at coding; my dad was as well and it passes in the family naturally I think, but I SUCK at keeping one idea throughout a novel. So if anyone needs somebody to help code/organise or decode errors in you’re writing I’d be happy to help, I also have way to many ideas so I can pitch in but, as I said, I’m such a perfectionist and am terrible at finishing stories as I just want to “adapt” the ending over…and over, and over again.
The only issue is I’m in the UK so timezones could be conflicting, aha.
Reply on here first, than PM me if I reply :wink:


Hey! I am new to Episode but I have a great idea that I’ve been working on that I can pitch to you. It’s great that you’re open to services as coding is super hard!

hey, I have a FANTASIC story idea (romance drama etc) and I really want to publish it but I cant code for the life of me.

hope we can be partners

PM me for details and I’ll get back ass soon as I can.

PM me for details for your story and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can :blush:

So im starting a story called A series of Sadness and ive been working on the idea/plot for quite sometime now and ive created the characters and then went to create the story with coding and i always quit after like a day because i cant even get past the intro. So if you could help me, i would be so thankful. thanks for reading this

I just have two questions.
How do you do a choice so you can click on it for around 20 times? And if I put an option so you could go back to the first choice if you didn’t like it, how would you make the choice bring you back?

Hey! Sorry for the slow reply, been busy the past couple days :blush:
Hit me up in PM with a summary and what you need coding and when by, and I’ll try and code it ASAP!
Credit is required via a readerMessage in the story, but thats all I ask.
Thanks a lot and remember the PM me! X

Do you mean like a loop, then once the player hits a “score” of tapping the choice 20 times it continues the story - eg, the player taps the choice and once the player has tapped it 20 times the story moves onwards? If so like this -

#I’d put the coding line CHAR =0 here so that any other point distribution doesn’t affect the score of the ‘tapping’!

label loop_1
readerMessage Credit to @realsrose on IG for the script template!
Put your text here.

“Choice one” {
#sound button (OPTIONAL )
@CHAR +1
#whatever text you want here
if (CHAR > 20) {
#The story will continue once the player has tapped the choice OVER 20 times, meaning on the 21st time.
goto continue_loop
goto loop_1
#If you want any other choices add them here!

label continue_loop
#continue the story now

Remember to leave the credit in and don’t be afraid to PM me if there are any errors with this coding!

Ok thanks so much

No worries! :blush:
Remember to keep the credit in :wink:

Hey are you still open to coding for a story?

I’d only be available at around 4:30pm every weekday because of school, but I’d be free most weekends.
Also, I’d like credit in the story - a readerMessage would do!
If you’re still interested PM me! :blush:

That actually sounds more than perfect! Do you have another platform such as Discord so it is easier to contact you?

Pretty sure my sister has one.
I’ll be sure to ask her when she’s phone if I can borrow hers, otherwise I have an IG… although it’s pretty new so I have like, 15 followers :blush:
If you want any examples of my coding you can beta read a new story I’m writing :smile: :wink:

Ok! Perfect, when you get the chance let me know her discord or if you make one let me know. It’ll be way easier for me to contact you on there so we can plan things out.

I have an idea for a story but don´t know how to code so you could help in that and also give me your opinion if you don´t mind.
I would love to work with you! :blush:

Sure thing; if you PM what you need and I’ll get back to you.

Hello! Same problem here - really good concepts at hand but horrid at coding. I just want to write, and I really can’t move on with my story ‘cause coding is such a dreadful task for me.

I can help with that! Send me whatever “scene” you need coded, or whatever sample you have an error in through PM.
I’ll try and fix it/ code it straight away using forums, otherwise I’ll upload it into a draft story and spend a little more time on it using the Web Previewer.

Either way, it should be completed (depending on length) by tomorrow to the end of this week!
Just send through PM when you’re ready! :blush: