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Hey guys! I’m opening a script shop that is totally free and easy to use! You can request a number of different ways:

-Instagram’s Direct Messaging

-Patreon’s Messaging

-Episode Forums (Tyranny.ep) (DM me, not on this thread)

-Twitter (7c9j1pqI33eLwJ5)

If you decide you want to pay and get access to all of the requested scripts + any other scripts I make, condisider becoming a patreon!

I will not be declining requests unless they go against community guidelines or the requester clearly didn’t read the rules.

If you want to request customization scripts, make sure @dara.amarie.ep doesn’t already have what you’re looking for. If she doesn’t, feel free to request!

I didn’t make this clear but in order to request you have to follow me on Instagram and episode. I assume you have an episode account if you need help writing an episode script, but if you don’t have Instagram don’t stress about it.

And one last thing: INCLUDE THE OVERLAYS AND BACKGROUNDS IN YOUR REQUEST OR I WILL NOT ACCEPT. Also include credit to who made the overlays/background if it’s not made by episode.

I’m hoping this will help me grow as a coder! Please ask questions if you need to <3
Love you guys, stay safe!


Bump! Will request soon :slight_smile:

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Cómo hacer algo nuevo


¿Qué quieres decir con eso? En realidad puedo ayudarte, hablo un poco de español. Algunas cosas que tengo que buscar, pero puedo ayudar de todos modos. ¿Podrías enviarme un mensaje privado?

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I can also speak little Spanish and I think @Lababydelabanda is saying “How to do something new” but I’m not quite sure what that means.

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Yeah, I knew what she was saying I just wasn’t sure what it meant! Hopefully she’ll message me and we can figure that out

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Bookmarking your thread cuz I’ll need it very soon ! :heart:

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