Coding Stories in Phone


I noticed that I can actually open the portal in my android phone, but the thing is I cannot scroll it down. Maybe someday Episode team will make it possible to code in phones for convenience. For a writer whose also a student, I cannot always bring my laptop anywhere so I really hope Episode will do something about this.

Thank you! :blush:


You can actually , it just little difficult :sweat_smile:


You can scroll but you need to zoom in close to that grey bar in the right. Then try dragging it to scroll. I’ve tried writing on my phone but it’s almost impossible. Scrolling is annoying and autocorrect changes pretty much every single word. I wish there was an easier way to write on mobile like that. Sometimes while on the go I’d love to do some writing but it’s too hard to do. It’s not worth it to me.


Same thing happened to me​:sweat: so I switched on mobile portal , it’s easy way to write and after you can edit on writer portal , I made a story by this way :sweat_smile:


I hope they improve it then and make it easier for us to code.


I agree, and the same for iPad too!



Topic closed as this has already been suggested in the Feature Request section. Please show your support for this idea in it’s original topic. Thanks.