Coding Stories in Phone


I noticed that I can actually open the portal in my android phone, but the thing is I cannot scroll it down. Maybe someday Episode team will make it possible to code in phones for convenience. For a writer whose also a student, I cannot always bring my laptop anywhere so I really hope Episode will do something about this.

Thank you! :blush:


You can actually , it just little difficult :sweat_smile:


Same thing happened to meโ€‹:sweat: so I switched on mobile portal , itโ€™s easy way to write and after you can edit on writer portal , I made a story by this way :sweat_smile:


I hope they improve it then and make it easier for us to code.


I agree, and the same for iPad too!



Topic closed as this has already been suggested in the Feature Request section. Please show your support for this idea in itโ€™s original topic. Thanks.