Coding/Writing Buddies

Hey! I’ve read tons of episode books and I’ve been inspired to write one of my own. I have a pretty solid idea down but it requires a bit of coding and I have no coding experience apart from some simple YouTube tutorials. We can bounce ideas together and you can teach me a bit of coding along the way. This isn’t paid, it’s just to have some fun and hopefully create an awesome book. The genre is fantasy, deals with made up mythology based on angels & demons, choices build up points that decide if the MC ends up an Angel or a demon and there will be a choice of a male or female love interest. As minimal gem options as possible. Everything is still kinda up for debate. Let me know if you’re interested xx


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What social media handle is that?


I need a coder

Hey! Im interested… dm me on instagram (@epi_writes)

Hi would like a coding/ writing buddy, please

I couldn’t find yours. contact me (@azeepisode) on instagram

Ohkk sure!