Coffee cup not appearing


Hi guys its me again…, Am having issues again i have added successfully the red cup prop, but theres another scene in which i want to add the coffee cup, but i add it all in correctly it will even save correctly as followed below
@add Coffee Cup to MARIAH
@MARIAH is idle_hold_drink
@NICOLA 5 is drink AND MARIAH is drink
When i press preview the coffee cup is not seen at all on the characters hands??? does anyone know the reason or am I missing something?


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You need to add the prop to her.


You need to add the cup to both of them.
@add Coffee Cup to MARIAH
@add Coffee Cup to NICOLA
@MARIAH is idle_hold_drink
@NICOLA is drink AND MARIAH is drink

If the properties are unseen in the web previewer, don’t worry. You can check into your phone previewer.


I did that its properly because its not it big letters its not seeable, but i have done this not sure what else it would be?
@add Coffee Cup to MARIAH?
i did it to nicola as well but i havent put that bit of dialogue in here


as per pic there is no cup in either hand, i havent hand problems before the red cup they can hold just not the coffee one? this is odd i wrote it all correct its all saved???