Coffee's Art Shop ☕

Hello everyone :wave: I have decided to make poses and art for anybody who needs them (INK ONLY!!)


No thread hopping it really hurts my feelings when I spend a lot of time and it is for your guys stories to you go and not use it or request from somebody else
Use the password coffee
Make sure you fully fill out the form
I am doing this out of my own a time so please please do not rush me (sorry if I came off as rude lol)

pose request form

How many characters:
Character deets:
What type of pose do you want:
When do you need it by: (no promises though try as quickly as I can)

if I miss something here you can just add it

art request form

How many characters (I can do up to 4)
Character details
Character clothing
What type of poses do you want
Any accessories (nose piercings, with piercings, etc)

if I miss something you can just put it along to

Examples below

sorry I only have a few for each at the moment


Sorry the quality on the cover as a little blurry

What type can do
Overlays, pfp, covers, poses, art scenes,
You can credit me by my insta: abbyjo.episode


Can you do something like this if I send you the characters?

Please ignore my :poop: drawing :joy:

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Yea I could try :heart:

Here’s your request! Hope you like it


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Omg yaaaassss. I love it I can’t wait to use it in my story :heart_eyes:

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Thank you so much love

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Np I’m glad you like it :heart::two_hearts: what’s your story called btw :thinking:

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The beatdown. By Jess’s.T.Episode. I haven’t been promoting it due to being busy with college courses but I’m working my way back to it lol

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It will be done soon💕

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Here is your request sorry it’s a little bad this is a little bit of an advanced pose😭

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