Coin Sound Help

There’s a scene in my story in which a coin is flicked from standing on its edge and keeps flapping on the table. There isn’t this sound in the sound catalog, so I wonder if anyone can help me figure an appropriate one? (It could be any snippet in a longer sound or music piece), or a sound on loop.

I currently have the door knock sound looped for it but it sound highly uncharacteristic because there’s no metallic ‘twang’ and the repetition/rhythm is much too slow.

For visual understanding:

Thank you all!

Currently looking and there really isn’t anything that sounds like a coin dropping. The best I can suggest would be correct_ding. (The sound and music could use an upgrade… big time.)

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Thank you so much for checking it out for me! I checked out the ding and it seems overly ‘bright’, but I really appreciate it. I agree though, the catalog of sound should be expanded!

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