Cole or Jay in Bad Boy’s Girl

A story that I absolutely was obsessed with was Bad Boy’s Girl was the love story between Tessie & the Stone Brothers.
Who did you guys choose and why?
I ended up choosing Cole. He defend Tessie when no one would and while he made mistakes, he owned it. Cole and Tessie also had a lot of chemistry too.

I choose Cole but I admit Cole in the episode story is so much worse then he was in the original story

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He does some bad things for sure however he equally does a lot of good things. I loved him.
I sympathized with Tessie the most during the story tho.

Haha we almost always agree tho :wink: :smile:

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Honestly neither because both of them stood there and let that bitch friend call her Fatty Tessie


Did cole?
Cole stood up for Tessie against Nicole several times.
Jay did tho & that’s why I couldn’t respect him.

I chose Cole obviously. He was a good guy…a loyal, anti-backstabbing good guy, unlike most of the characters in the story :sleepy:

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Honestly the only characters that I rooted for was Cole and Tessie by the end.
Most of them had so many flaws.

I read it a while ago until it started annoying me but I’m pretty sure Cole started defending her after he started liking her

Yeah honestly I wasn’t a fan of most of the characters by the end.
Nicole was so mean to Tessie I would never forgive her .
& I hated how they called Tessie “fat” when episode doesn’t have any fat body types.

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Yeah & Tessie was my fave.
She’s a great person & character.

Yeah. Jay didn’t treat her too bad however anyone who sits there and watches someone get bullied is bad too.

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This had been my favourite story. I loved hiw much Cole was willing to do for Tessie and how much he loved her. Jay never really cared that much Cole had teased Tessie as a way of trying to show his feelings but Jay was friends with her for years but never done anything just dated her best friend instead. What I want to know though is will the sequel book be made into a story on episode I really hope it is because I don’t way it to end

I would love Cole and Tessie’s love story to continue however I doubt it.

5 Cole
0 Jay

The original “The Bad Boy’s Girl” (on Wattpad) explains Cole’s attitude ten times better. Cole had always liked her, while she liked Jay. He bullied her because he believed that that was the only way he could get her attention but alas, he lost her to Jay until he came back from the boarding school.

I’ve been a huge fan of the series (Yes, there is more than one book) and I was excited when I’d seen the story in Episode. ( I am disappointed with how the boys were designed though. :disappointed:

So yes, he did start defending her (way too late tbh) but not because he started liking her, but after he came back from realizing that what he was doing was wrong


Neither cause I’m not gonna read some other trash featured story about a bad boy just cause it gives you gems

I read all three on wattpad and episode did a real poor job of Cole and seemed to make Jay seem better then he was in the book.

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