Cole's Background Drive

Haha, happy to help!

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Bumping as many creator threads as I possibly can. Supporting each other was the foundation that this community was built on! :fist_bump: :yay:

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Aw thanks :slight_smile:

For anyone seeing this: I moved this link and my other links (the free use overlays from Episode (catalog) backgrounds and my list of copyright-free and free use overlay/background sites ) over to a new thread on the new Discord so these will still be available and I’ll still be adding new backgrounds as I make them. It’s " Cole’s Art Resources Links (Free)" under the Community Art category :slight_smile: Feel free to throw me a few background suggestions and if it’s in my abilities I’ll try :slight_smile:


Posting this on all my open threads:

I already have the link moved over to the Discord so no one is losing access. My Thread is called : Cole’s Art Resources Links (Free) in the Community Art section :slight_smile:

Since I’m lazy I also included my Free Use Episode Overlays drive link and all the free image/overlay websites linked in my “copyright free art resources” thread are in the same " Cole’s Art Resources Links (Free)" post to make it easier for me to keep up with them :slight_smile:

I will still be accepting background suggestions (If I can make it work, I’ll do it so feel free to leave suggestions), and I will still making overlays for any backgrounds Episode gives that are lacking - so comment names of new/old backgrounds that need them :heart:


New background sharing here until they shut it down lol
Includes: room, tv, and furniture overlays (with empty table and candle on table for z3)