Collaborate with me

Hello everyone.
I am looking for two experienced authors to partner up with on a secret project! The secret project is in Limelight Style. If you are interested please answer the five questions I have listed in the comments below.

  1. What is your favourite Genre of story and why?
  2. On a Scale of 1 (Beginner) to 10 (Pro) how would you say your coding, overlay use, and prop skills are?
  3. Have you ever collaborated with someone on a story before? If yes, how well did you both work together?
  4. What would you say your excellent at for episode is (grammar, punctuation, Plot Twists, Branching, Character background etc.) and why?
  5. Any other information you want to tell me about yourself?(How you became an author, how long you have been an author for, etc.)

I will announce who I will be collaborating with on September 15, 2018.

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Awesome. Thank you. I will move the post.

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