Collection Of Survival/Elimination Reality Shows (Drop Your Stories Here!)

Hello everyone!

I think that there is a need of a of survival/reality show revival in Episode. Let’s make a collection of survival/reality/elimination shows stories here in the Episode Forum. If you have any survival/reality shows that involves elimination and fun drama, don’t be shy to drop them here!

I’ll start with mine:

Title: Top Elite
Genre: Drama, Survival Show
Chapters: 4 (Ongoing)
Story Description: Risk. Strut. Eliminate. Do it your own way. Stir yourself to the top and score a spot in Briggston’s elite! Beware, you’re not alone. (Reality Show/Choices Matter)

NOTE: This is an elimination/survival show that has influences of famous elimination shows such as drag race and the bachelor. However, its main charm is that it focuses on fashion, fame, networking, and standing out! CHOICES MATTER A LOT, so read it if you enjoy that! I’m planning to create different endings, so goodluck and enjoy. : D

Link: Episode Writer Portal