College Backgrounds, Please!

:heart: Hola, Episoders! :heart:

All you expert background creators gather round! If you’ve seen the title, I need some backgrounds for my school in my story, #College. I need the following background and I guarantee I will credit you when your background shows. I just ask that you don’t add your watermark anywhere. You’ll still be credited.


  • You will be credited in the chapter, so please no watermarks.
  • I need a day and night version of the dorm backgrounds.
  • Make them nice!
  • I’ll PM you if I want to use your background.

:sparkles: [Background Checklist]:sparkles:

  • 2-Bed Girls Dorm
  • 2-Bed Boys Dorm
  • Large Cafeteria (this is optional. If I can find a good Episode background for this, it will get removed from the list)
  • Principal’s Office

:warning: NOTES: If you have any school-related overlays you want to suggest, I’m free to that, too.
I’m also going to add some more BGs to the checklist if I need anymore throughout the story.

:ok_hand:t3: Adios, Episoders! :ok_hand:t3:

Not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but…

They’re nice, but I asked for no watermarks ._.

Especially because it looks weird in the story

I can send you the no watermarks version :joy:

I also need it:(

can I use this hehe :no_mouth:

Sure, do you need male, female or both?

both :slight_smile:

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