College essay writing

Hi Im arlene, I need someone to help me write my college essay. Im not really good at writing at such a short notice.

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What are you supposed to write about?

I can decide but I want it to be about my experience with school and how Covid effected me

With pleasure,

Uh, could you be a little more specific? What do you need help with?

Well I think you should write about the challenges you faced during Covid. What were some things that changed. How are your friendships? Did you lose touch with them? Since, people have been in quarantine what can of activities do you do to keep yourself busy.

Write your experience

Facing problems with university applications?

Hello, first of all I hope you are having an amazing day!

I am working on a research project which has been organised by Gyanberry - you may have heard of it (or not😉).

As you’ve read above, we would like to identify the challenges and problems that you my fellow students face in the process to university - which can be very tedious am I right?

So if you’ve read until here and you’re interested send me a message to +971504762097 so I could give you more details and send you the survey link!

With a press of a button (link) we can help future generations and universities to make the process more favourable! :muscle:

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